The Best Gifts for Nurses - Our Top 10 Picks

So you need to find a great gift for a nurse, doctor, or other medical staff?  Perhaps a graduation gift for a nursing student, or a thank you gift for your nursing instructor?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  It can be hard to find that perfect token of your appreciation or support, but we’ve curated some fantastic gifts for nursing staff.  Check out some of our favorites below. 

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1. We’re starting with our absolute favorite because you just can’t afford to miss this one. The True EKG Heartbeat Necklace in stainless steel.

We’re a big fan of heartbeat necklaces, but this one is our favorite.  It depicts the actual waveform of a healthy heartbeat.  This is actually the shape that you would see on an EKG readout, with each wave segment shown.  This would be truly appreciated by any medical staff, but certainly by nurses or cardiologists. 

This heartbeat necklace is going to grab a lot of attention from other medical professionals, and your grateful recipient will think of you every time they receive the inevitable compliments. 

Solid stainless steel means its going to hold up and look amazing despite the wear and tear of a nurse’s routine.  Silver, gold, or rose gold finishes mean you can choose what suits your favorite nurse best. 

For a more traditional take on the nursing jewelry, check out the next two stethoscope necklaces below.

2.  The Stethoscope Necklace in stainless steel.  For the minimalist nurse who doesn't draw attention to herself, but loves what she does.  A simple stethoscope pendant hangs from the solid stainless steel link chain, and loops into a heart at one end.  Silver, gold, or rose gold tones will complement anyone, and the stainless steel material will hold up and stay beautiful.  

3.  The Stethoscope Heartbeat Necklace in stainless steel. This piece features a stethoscope that loops into a sweet heart, and ends in a heartbeat shape.  It is a combination that merges a nurse's care, passion, and life saving work that they dedicate themselves to daily.  It comes in a silver, gold, or rose gold finish, so you can grab one in anyone's style, and the stainless steel will hold up to the daily grind but look fantastic doing it.  

4. For the minimalist nurse with a heart of gold, we adore this bangle cuff bracelet.  It’s simple and sweet, with the words “nursing is a work of heart” engraved.  Again, solid stainless steel is going to hold up the the wear and tear, and still look amazing.  It’s not going to get all itchy or tarnish, and it doesn’t break the bank, either.  You can choose silver, gold, or rose gold tones to suit anyone. 

If you weren’t thinking of anything with wording, check out these next three bracelets as well.  We honestly can’t decide which we love more. 

 5. The Heartbeat Bangle in stainless steel. This bangle displays a continuous heartbeat pattern etched into it's surface, with the occasional heart shape interrupting the heartbeat.  We think it represents a loving mix of passion for the job, and passion for the patients.  Silver, gold, or rose gold options, of course. 

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6. This stainless steel Crystal Heart Nurse's Bangle!  Now this one is really classy. This bangle actually wraps around in a sort of cuff style, wrapping around to a simple rhinestone crystal on one side, and a stethoscope inset into a heart on the other side.  It's simple, its elegant, it's beautiful, it's passionate.  This one comes in rose gold or silver tones only. 

 7.  For a more traditional link chain bracelet, we like this Stethoscope Heartbeat Bracelet.  Like the necklace in number three above, it features a stethoscope that loops into a heart, and ends in a heartbeat shape.  Stainless steel is beautifully durable, and much like our other picks, comes in silver, gold, or rose gold finishes.

 8. These sweet Heartbeat Stud Earrings are a great gift on their own, or to complement the heartbeat pieces above.   Minimalist design in stainless steel comes in silver, gold, rose gold, or black.

 9. The Heartbeat in a Heart Stainless Steel Studs are a simple statement of passion for the profession of nursing.  There's a lot of love that goes into caring for others, and these earrings are all about that love.  Silver, gold, or rose gold finishes are available.  

10. If you’re looking for just a small token of appreciation for a nurse or other medical staff, consider a classy lapel pin or brooch.  It’s the perfect thing to show them you notice all they do, but without spending a lot.  Medical lapel pins are also perfect when you’d like to get gifts for several medical staff.  And almost all of them are available in multiple colors.  The are available for so many specialties, including pins of the spine, inner ear, lungs, heart, brain, neurons, hormones, penicillin, and so many more.  Check out some of our favorites below, including the classic stethoscope brooch. 




So, you need something that is unique and beautiful, but that is also a high quality gift.  All the jewelry pieces above (not the pins, though) are made of stainless steel, which means beautiful longevity that won’t cost you a fortune.  In fact, everything here is less that $25, and ships for free.  Because we love our nurses, but we aren’t made of money. 

Our heart beats for nurses.  Let’s show them some love!